Hardy, Rebecca Peabody
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Courtesy: American Textile History Museum
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History
                     Lowell  Sept 13 1854
Dear Cousin1
accordin to promis I will try to write a
few lynes to you after I left you I dun up
Business first had a good visit at Uncle
Daniels but could not get away from
them till Wednesday had a good Journey
home found all our Friends well except
for Sister Lavina she was able to sit up that
quite feeble and very glad to See me
Clara2  and Lavina Send much love to
you and your Family and all your Friends
and feel very great full for the
present you Sent them and Say you
must come to Lowell and visit us and
all of your Family and Friends for
they want to see you more then they
can express it is quite healthy in
Lowell for the Season I hope you
will write soon and let me no how

  1Mary J. Hardy b: 1813, Warner, NH d: Aug 1884, Warner, NH; m: 1852
  2Clarissa J. Hardy b: 1810 m: 19 Feb 1843 Rev. Edward A. Rice

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you will doe how is my Dear
Uncle and Aunt and all my Dear
Cousins in Warner I think off you you were
all So kind to me I trust I Shall
never forguit that visit no never the
prospect is Lowell will be a dull place
this Winter they are going to Stop
much off the work in the mills and
that will mak Business dull and
the times hard for Poor People. doe let
let me no if you have heard from
Cousin Darius3  and what write all
the news Clara will write to John
but She did receive his letter I
Shall write to your Father and Mother4
and Cousin Bartlett5  and Tenny6  Soon
I have not much news to write now
writ Soon as your receive this

                      your affetionate
My love to all Rebecca P. Hardy7

  3Darius Hardy b: 1808, Warner, NH; m: 23 Nov 1835, Lowell MA 
     Mary P. Woodward b: MA
  4Thaddeus Hardy b: 29 Dec 1779, Bradford, MA; m: 3 Apr 1803 
     Judith Edmunds b: 1784
  5Bartlett Hardy b: 1816, Warner, NH
  6Tenny Hardy b: 1808, NH; m: Malinda Watson b: 1816, NH
  7Rebecca Peabody Hardy b: 1797, Bradford, MA d: 31 Oct 1878, 
     Lowell, MA

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