1839 Edwards, Persis and Melinda Blodgett
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Nashua5 April 4 1839

My Dear Cousin,

Doubtless you will be surprised to hear from me as I am not in the habit of holding correspondence with you. It is not because I have forgotten you no, Dear S. I often think of you & could as often wish to see you. I suppose I need not apolygize for past negligence as you are guilty of the same yourself. I hope we shall let past negligce suffice & for the future commence a correspondence. There shall be no lack on my part. I have often thought of you since I came to this place & especially since I heard that you was obliged to give up your shop on account of ill health. I left Vermont last july come to Bristol & stayed until October when I came to this place. I work in the mill like very well enjoy myself much better than I expected am very confined could wish to have my liberty a little more but however I can put up with that as I am favored with other priveleges. I think I shall visit you this Summer. I think if nothing in providence prevents I shall stay here untill fall. I seems now a long time since I left home am almost homesick sometimes. I heard from home last week & likewise from Bristol. Our folks all & Grandfarthers are all in good health except Aunt Bryant she has not been able to work this winter.

I will just say I hope you will answer this soon. Give my love to uncle & Aunt & all friends. If you do not think of coming here to work I hope y & visit us. I want to see you very much hope to soon. Write us all the news you have & believe to be undeviating Friend & Cousin

Persis L. Edwards
  1 Bennett Family, Letters (1839-1846) Haverhill Public 
     Library, Haverhill, Massachusetts.  These letters appear 
     in New England Mill Village, 1790-1860, Gary Kulik, 
     Roger Parks, Theodore Z. Penn, eds., (Cambridge, Mass: 
     MIT Press, 1982). Used by permission and edited by Old 
     Sturbridge Village.)
  2 Persis Lombard Edwards b: 26 Dec 1816, Bristol, NH d: 
     Dec 1896, Lowell, MA; parents: James Edwards and 
     Alcemena Frisbie; married: James P. Burnham b: 1819, 
     New Brunswick d; 1905, Lawrence, MA.
  3 Melinda M. Edwards b: 21 Nov 1809, Gilmanton, NH d: 
     10 Feb 1875, Concord, NH; parents: John Edwards and 
     Betsey Powers; married 1846: James S. Blodgett.
  4 Cousin and Niece Sabrina Bennett b: 18 Nov 1818 d: 
     22 Dec 1860, Haverhill, MA; parents Richard Bennett 
     and Ruth Edwards; married 1857: Oliver Turner.
  5 Nashua, New Hampshire.

Dear Sabrina,

I have nothing special to write to you but Persis has commenced a letter I will try and think of something if it is not so very interesting. You have been informed I suppose that I am a factory girl and that I am at Nashua and I have wished you were here too but I suppose your mother would think it far beneith your dignity to be a factory girl. There are many young Ladies at work in the factories that have given up milinary dessmaking & shool keeping for to work in the mill. But I would not advise any one to do it for I was so sick of it at first I wished a factory had never been thought of. But the longer I stay the better I like and I think if nothing unforesene calls me away I shall stay here till fall. Persis has told you that the folks in Bristol were all well but sister Bryant and I fear if she does not get help soon she will never be any better. WYour uncle Frisbies folks have moved to New York where the Brother lives. Your uncle Sandborn has buried his father he died the 4 of March. Give my respects to your fathers folks and except much love your self from me. Write soon and write me all the news you can think. I want to hear from Haverhill.6 Write too where you are and what you are doing and what you intend to do this summer. My health is very poor indeed but it is better than it was when I left home. If you should have any idea of working in the factory I will do the best I can to get you a place with us. We have an excellent boarding place. We board with a family with whome I was acquainted with when I lived at Haverhill. Pleas to write us soon and believe your affectionate Aunt

                                              M.M. Edwards

[on cover]
Sabrina Bennett
Haverhill, Mass
   6 Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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