Adams, Phineas G. 1833
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Lowell3 May the 10 1833

Dear friend

It is with pleasure [----] from the bissy,
persuits of this vain world to devote my
self in riting to a near and dear friend as
I think you are. I got your kind letter Tuesday
eve and I red it with much pleasure to think
that I had one friend in the world that wold
take panes to right tome.  I had most forgotten
to inform you of my health which is very good
at this time except very bad headaches and I
hope when these bad lines rech your hands they
will find you in purfit health.  The time seems
long but two weeks will soon pass away.
Give my love to all inquiring friends but
keep a large share to your self. tell mother
when I come home I will fetter her ginnes,
you rote that you had not heard from
emaline and I am very sorry to hear it.
and you sed that you wish me to right
but I think it is no use she will
come if she can but if you wish me
to right send by william and I will
as soon as posable.  When I was up I had

  1Phineas George Adams b: 1807 d: 1881, Pepperell, MA; 
    married 1833: Lydia Childs Wright; residence: 1840 
    Lowell, MA, 1850-1880 Pepperell, MA; children 6.
  2Lydia Childs Wright b: 6 Dec 1816, Pepperell, MA 
    d: 1899, Pepperell, MA.
  3Lowell, Massachusetts.

the pleasure of riding down alone and I got
down about ten o clock. I wish you to come 
down on Saturday the 25 day and I will be at
bakers tavern whare we stop last fall and 
I will be thare at ten o clock A M
it grows late and I am afraid that I shall
wery with with my bad riting so I must
bid you good evening

Forever yours
                                 Phineas Adams to
                                 Lydia C Wright 


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